8 Days; 2 Walls

The 2-panel "Grapefruit Mural" was commissioned

by a local Clearwater, Florida resident.

avenue du jardin Mural

commissioned by City of Clearwater

Clearwater, FL

The Clearwater Mural
45-Day Slideshow chronicle

Clearwater, FL

interior and exterior

walls | entryways | patios | etc

"Thank you so much. I love the artwork! My sisters are jealous and want to ship you to Ohio to do their houses. Thanks again; it's just what I imagined!" -S.M.

2-Panel Exterior Mural

Commissioned for a Private Residence

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Making of a Mural

The grapefruit mural

private commission

Clearwater, FL

Solo Mural Restoration Project

Restoring the famous Garden Avenue Mural

Solo Exterior Project by Ana Livingston

1266 Court Street, Clearwater, FL


Ana is accepting Mural projects in the Tampa Bay area.

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Interior/Exterior Mural Commissions

Earth Day Project

"I just LOVE grapefruit!"

When my client initially approached me regarding the proposed mural, he started with something like, "You're gonna think I'm crazy for wanting this, but..." I quickly told him that I have had many commissions in the past and nothing would surprise me.

Essentially, he's a citrus lover who wanted to be able to see the two panels from a block away. I joyfully granted his wish:

*shipped worldwide

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